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The protection of medieval Stecak tombstones





In early 50's in Niksic were recorded 395 stecak tombstones, but today there are only 30 damaged peaces removed from the original position


Taking into account the current level of exploration and protection of stecaks, as well as the historical significance of these medieval tombstones, the Ministers of Culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia signed the 2009 the Letter of Intent on establishing cooperation in the realization of the joint project "Stecak tombstones nomination for inscription on the World Heritage List of UNESCO." On Tentative List of Montenegro of 21 April 2012 there are three stecak graveyards: Greek graveyard and Bare Zugica in contact zone of National Park Durmitor and Greek graveyard in Zagrade in the municipality Plužine. Officially 50 necropolis are registered with about 3500 graves, but this number can not be considered final. Only two of the necropolis have so far had the status of cultural goods - in Šipacno in Niksic and Prigradina at Velimlje. However, the current inefficiencies in the implementation of administrative measures and legal protection, and the lack of adequate and efficient mechanisms of physical protection, were the main reasons why the necropolis in Šipacno suffered devastation in several ways: cutting through the travel route from two different directions; inadequate treatment of local population; the action of natural factors... A large number of tombstones were destroyed or are on the brink of destruction. A similar fate had other sites in all municipalities where they are registered. The same applies to the medieval graveyards that were nominated for UNESCO. 




              Greek graveyard, Durmitor( municipality Žabljak)                  Greek graveyard in Zagrade

                                                                                                        (municipality Plužine)                


Bare Žugica (municipality Žabljak)




Šipacno (municipality  Nikšic)



Vracenovici (municipality Nikšic)

along with many other examples of indifference or a wrong attitude toward stecak tombstones elsewhere in Montenegro..


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