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Montenegrin art gallery "Miodrag Dado Đurić"



The exhibition "Unfinished Modernization: Between Utopia and Pragmatism" (April - May 2013)

The exhibition "Unfinished Modernization: Between Utopia and Pragmatism" is the result of a two-year research project (2010-2012), which can be seen in the Montenegrin art gallery "Miodrag Dado Đurić" in Cetinje untill 5 May 2013. The setting includes a large number of architectural projects and urban plans that marked the Yugoslav socialist period and focuses on unfinished vision of modernization of cities during socialism. At the opening the exhibition the president of the Association of Architects of Montenegro Novak Adžić said that the setting is the final product of a very serious research project, which was implemented in cooperation with institutions from various countries of Southeast Europe .


The project "Unfinished Modernization: Between Utopia and Pragmatism" through a series of studies, conferences and exhibitions, integrates spaces created by the "socialist progress" in Yugoslavia, and tries to determine what happened with these areas after the collapse of the common state and the disappearance of socialism. One of the main tools of socialist modernization in the focus of the exhibition is certainly the city, with an emphasis on the role that architecture had in this kind of production.

During socialist Yugoslavia modernization was presented as a daily collective achievement that indicates the progress of workers' self-management. In this way, the construction of Yugoslavia was marked by megalomaniac, almost utopian projects in the fields of industry, transport infrastructure, energy and urban planning. The exhibition provides an overview of the typical architectural and urban design practice from the socialist period in relation to the social context in which they incurred.

Lectures on the "Unfinished Modernization: Between Utopia and Pragmatism" were held by mr Stamatović Slavica Vučković from the Faculty of Architecture in Podgorica ("Architecture as cultural text: objects of culture in Montenegro - generators of urbanity"), Dr. Ljiljana Blagojević, Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Belgrade ("Modern in the Montenegrin coast: architect Milan Zloković") and Maroje Mrduljaš, the author of the project and exhibition. The organizer of the exhibition was the National Museum of Montenegro in cooperation with the studio DVARP. Coordinators of the project are architects Diana Vučinić and Milica Jakić. The Ministry of Culture of Montenegro has sponsored the event.


The exhibition had its premiere in Maribor , the European Capital of Culture in 2012. The curators are: Maroje Mrduljaš (HR), Vladimir Kulić (SR/USA), Matevž Čelik (SI), Simona Vidmar (SI). The project was initiated by Croatian Architects' Association in cooperation with the Oris-House of Architecture ( Zagreb ), Museum of Architecture and Design ( Ljubljana ), Maribor Art Gallery , Association of Belgrade Architects and the Coalition for Sustainable Development ( Skopje )


Art Salon Peter Lubarda (December, 2012)


Art Salon Peter Lubarda which was named after one of the most important Montenegrin artists of the twentieth century, was opened on 26 December 2012. The selector was art historian Milica Radulovic, who chose 25 works of Montenegrin artists of different generations and poetics, including Krsto Andrijašević, Milivoje Babović, Ilija Branko Burić, Draśko Dragaš, Svetlana Dragojević, Roman Đuranović, Darko Đurović, Tadija Janičić, Filip Janković, Biljana Keković, Ilija Nikčević, Vasp Nikčević, Tomo Pavićević, Velibor Pavićević, Ivana Pejović, Milovan Miki Radulović, Siniša Radulović, Igor Rakčević, Željko Reljić, Branislav Sekulić, Saša Stanišić, Ilija Šoškić, Nikola Zuber, Jarmila Vešović and Ratko Odalović. State Award Peter Lubarda, which is awarded every third year, received Ratko Odalović for painting “Plant heritage keepers”.


Retrospective of MihailoVukotić (October, 20 12) 

The retrospective exhibition of Montenegrin painter Mihailo Vukotić (1904-1944) which included works from the funds of the National Museum of Montenegro, Museums and Galleries of Podgorica, private collections, as well as personal effects of the artist, was opened in the Montenegrin art gallery "Miodrag Dado Đurić," in October 2012. Vukotić had his first and only exhibition in 1933 at the Art Pavilion "Cvijeta Zuzorić" in Belgrade alongside the sculptor Mihajlo Tomić. For the painting entitled "Stairway to Kalemegdan" Mihajlo Vukotić received in 1934 an award by newspaper Politika. Art critics of the time, like distinguished Rastko Petrovic, noticed melancholy in his early portraits and nudes. This atmosphere was also typical for the landscapes, figure compositions and still lives. His technique has not changed too much in time. Zdravko Vučinić, the author of the monograph published by the National Museum of Montenegro wrote: "Changes are happening within their own narratives, in a range that varies from thick layers of pigment and subdued coloristic values over spilled moves, sometimes strong, liberated by pure gestural reflections, which were given in a form of singing indication".




   Works of Mihajlo Vukotić


Montenegrin modern and contemporary art (May, 2012)

 Montenegrin art gallery "Miodrag Dado Djuric" officially began its activity by opening an exhibition, which represents a cross section of the modern and contemporary Montenegrin art from the third decade of the twentieth century until 2012. The exhibition included art works  of Mihailo Vukotić, Petar Lubarda, Milo Milunović, Miloš Vušković, Jovan Zonjić, Filo Filipović, Gojko Berkuljan, Aco Prijić, Vojo Stanić, Drago Đurović, Stevan Luketić, Luka Tomanović, Ilija Šoskić, then the works of artists who emerged during the 70`s and 80`s and 90`s, like Pavle Pejović, Dragan Karadžic, Ilija Branka Burić, Anka Burić, Jakov Đuričić, Rajko Todor Todorović, Ivanka Vana Prelević, Nenad Šoškič, Irena Lagator Pejović, Daniela Mršulja, Natalia Vujošević, as well as those who have only recently gained a college degree. Authors of the settings are art historians Ljiljana Zeković, Ljiljana Karadžić, Mirjana Dabović Pejović and Ana Ivanović. The coordinator of implementation of the project was director of the National Museum of Montenegro Mr Pavle Pejović. The exhibited works mostly come from the funds of the Center of Contemporary Art of Montenegro, the National Museum of Montenegro and private collections.


Management of museums and galleries

and the achievement of international cooperation (January, 2013)

Management of museums and galleries and the achievement of international cooperation is the name of the workshop held in the Montenegrin art gallery "Miodrag Dado Đurić". Transforming museums and galleries into dynamic and proactive institutions capable to find new audiences establishing synergies with the local community, artists, as well as initiating and establishing international cooperation, are some of the major themes of contemporary museum practice, and workshops. The speakers were Kate Brindley, director of MIMA museums and Marc Steene, from Pallant House Gallery (UK). Workshop participants were experts from the Centre of Contemporary Art of Montenegro, Maritime Museum , Natural History and the National Museum of Montenegro. The organizers were the British Council, a partner of the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro and the National Museum of Montenegro.

 Assignment of the “13th July award”  to Marina Abramović (October, 2012)

 Worldwide famous performance artists Marina Abramović received on 1 October 2012 the biggest Montenegrin state award "13th July Lifetime Achievement Award." The award was presented at the Montenegrin art gallery "Miodrag Dado Djuric" by the President of the Parliament Ranko Krivokapić.

The artist noted: "The award 13th July is the most important in my life because it is a symbol which confirms that I am recognized for lifetime achievement in my own country ". At the Venice Biennale 2011 the artist presented the project MACCOC which aim is to transform the former abandoned factory "OBOD" in a cultural center and revitalize the old Montenegrin capital Cetinje.


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